Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chocolate as Alchemy

  Chocolate in the face of death - I am not a consumer of chocolate, indifferent to its charms and very aware of its power to disrupt my brain into paroxysms of steel crushing pain, I have left it to those who surrender to its siren song. But at 2:00 am it has been in its embrace that I found release from the tears haunting me for the last week.Dark, smooth, quiet..a mourner's embrace.
  Returning to the present left  by a beloved companion, the metallic wrapped squares seem to be a ticket , punched by Morpheus, for an exotic destination : forgetfulness , mindlessness, devil-may-care- if I do-ness just not the ever present aware-ness. 
 The ticket was genuine- not necessarily round trip, that remains to be seen, for I slept.
Content with not having brushed my teeth  again, ( for what are cavities of the mouth when your mind keeps slipping onto ones greater?) and with leaving the delicate plastic  wrappers , ripped so neatly, on the floor like so many discarded mosaics, I slept.

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